Jan 28, 2010

The Golden Age

Spring is nearly around the corner and I can't help but get excited about all the lovely vintage inspired pieces from Urban Outfitters.

They transport you into a different time.  I love watching old movies for that very reason; the styles are so classic and moving.  I wish I could afford to fill my wardrobe with items like these, and find the warm weather to wear them in! 

Jan 27, 2010


I have been so tired lately.  I really could just lie down on the ground and sleep.  I'm yawning all day long at work and my co-workers are telling me it's contagious.  Not sure exactly what is causing my constant sleepyhead, maybe the mental stress of waiting for everything with buying our first home to come through.  We have found such a sweet little craftsman home in the old part of Tacoma.  We are down to the final steps waiting for the loan to finalize and then close!  I am beyond excited to have a place to call our own.

This is good for waking up a slow brain...

{Image found via Zilupe's photostream}

Jan 23, 2010

365 days update

It has been challenging but also a lot of fun working on the 365 day photo project.  Some days I get home from work, it's dark out and I don't have a lot of energy but I still force myself to do more than an arm's length snap shot of myself. 

These are my favorites from the past 2 weeks.  The top and bottom were the most fun to shoot.  The top photo was taken in Rach's beloved alley near her apartment in Seattle (after I took that shot we had light wars with her headlamps).  I actually like the graininess caused by my high ISO setting, I think it's fitting with the alley.  The bottom shot was taken in my basement while blasting Santigold on the stereo. 

Jan 21, 2010

Stairway to anywhere

I love this stairway!  I'd have to start using the library a bit less and perusing the used books stores a bit more if I were ever to attempt something like this, but if I did I swear I'd clear a small space, grab a few throw pillows and nap on these stairs! 

There was a period of time as a child where I had to wear an eye patch (due to a mole behind my eyeball...weird huh!?).  I remember taking my favorite blanket and napping on the stairs, pretending it was my bunk on a pirate ship.  That memory came flying back when I first saw these photos over at post grad hair cut.  They are the creation of Levitate Architecture out of London. 

Jan 19, 2010

Tea time

Some days I want to fall down a rabbit hole.  Trade this world in place of another.  If I were lucky enough to stumble upon a wonderland and have tea with the Mad Hatter I'd be sure to wear this lovely gold pocket watch so as not to be late.  I think the grey linen dress by Kcoline would be fitting for such a meeting and I imagine we'd dine on china not unlike the tea cup above.

Jan 15, 2010

Lucha con memorias

Bimbo's Bitchin' Burritos was my favorite hole in the wall restaurant as a teen.  Love for me was the garlic mashed potato burrito with red sauce.  I spent many weekend afternoon’s drinking Jarritos and stuffing prom photos under the glass tabletops. 

I had my first taste of burrito love in years, this past weekend when I met my cousin Betsy for lunch.  It has since moved a few blocks away and now goes by Bimbo’s Cantina and they swapped the nude velvet paintings for photos and artwork featuring luchadors; but it still has the same atmosphere.

If in the area it’s definitely worth it and if you’re lucky you might get our waiter.  He’ll hook you up with extra guacamole for the price of a few compliments and once you’re square on the bill he’ll let you know his hangover has gotten worse and he’s off to the bathroom to puke. 

Nothing like an afternoon at Bimbo’s!

What are some of the unique haunts in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear about them. 

{El Luchador print from firecracker press}

Jan 13, 2010

Redheads, chandeliers & redheaded chandeliers

While listening to my last fm radio station yesterday a song by Florence + The Machine came on and one of the images they displayed of this lovely lady was the one above where she seductively sits next to an ice-like chandelier.  I found myself daydreaming about how I want to decorate our first home.  My husband and I are in the process of house hunting and have looked at some very promising places.  Although for our starter homes none of these chandeliers would really fit in with the style we are looking at, let alone our budget I still like dreaming about them. 

Expect to see more home decor posts in the future as we get closer to finding a house to call home.

{Images found via 1 - 2 - 3}

Jan 11, 2010

Fantastic Frankie & Big Daddy K

I went a little crazy when I found Big Daddy K's photostream on flickr.  I love the photos of his daughter Frankie.  She is absolutely precious and has so many expressions telling different stories (which he does an incredible job of capturing). I wanted to reach right through the screen and squeeze her!  

Big Daddy K doesn't just photograph Frankie; he also has a set of self-portraits that showcase his striking resemblance to Tom Waits...its surreal.

Jan 8, 2010

My kind of book club

Such is happenstance.  I woke up Wednesday morning (day 6 of my 365 days photo challenge) and snapped the above shot.  I have always loved to read, it used to drive my sister crazy when we shared a room growing up and I refused to turn my light out so I could continue to read my Piers Anthony novels.  Though I've since moved on from the world of Xanth I continue to read regularly. 

So...I was delighted when later that day I found this post about the Slow Readers Book Club.  A book club I can join and not be rushed to finish the book!  It's also a sweet little coincidence that the first book is Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls who also wrote the Glass Castle a book my sister gave me as a gift (she loves to read now too).  For more information and how to join just click here or here.

Happy Reading!

Jan 7, 2010

365 Days

I'm a little late on putting this up, but I thought I would share my New Year's challenge with you. I've decided to try and take a self portrait every day this year, I think it's going to get really hard.  I often don't like the photos taken of me and I'm not that photogenic so it will be a challenge to find more interesting ways to capture the image.  I thought I would share a few of my first attempts, and I plan to post updates throughout the year.

Aside from this challenge, I have not dived into a list of unrealistic resolutions besides a few general ideas that wouldn't hurt (be nicer, make daily choices to stay healthy and cook my sweetpea some nice meals on a weekly basis...something I have not been good about in the past.

Here's the link to my 365 days flickr set if you want to take a peek.

Jan 5, 2010

Sea inspired ceramics

Staying out near the ocean this past weekend had me thinking about all the awesome animals living in the ocean, and it reminded me of these playful ceramic pieces I saw at a shop in Seattle recently. The water pitcher and butter dish would be perfect in any whale watcher's kitchen. You can find them here at Jonathan Adler's website.

Jan 4, 2010

First trip of the year:

What can I say...I had a wonderful weekend with my family out on the Olympic Peninsula. This is our 17th year staying at Fort Worden; I'm thinking a big anniversary bash will be in order when we hit 20 years. I have ascended into the world of adults and a whole new gaggle of kids take flight running through the old army barracks, the fields and along the beach.

Highlights from the trip included board games like scattergories, fresh oysters with Tabasco, walking on the beach, popping in and out of the cute little shops in town, pizza, taking lots of photos and crab cakes and French toast for breakfast! All my little cousins were cracking me up; watching them interact can be some of the funniest moments!

Fort Worden was a great start to the New Year and I look forward to whatever else 2010 has hiding up its sleeve.