Jan 7, 2010

365 Days

I'm a little late on putting this up, but I thought I would share my New Year's challenge with you. I've decided to try and take a self portrait every day this year, I think it's going to get really hard.  I often don't like the photos taken of me and I'm not that photogenic so it will be a challenge to find more interesting ways to capture the image.  I thought I would share a few of my first attempts, and I plan to post updates throughout the year.

Aside from this challenge, I have not dived into a list of unrealistic resolutions besides a few general ideas that wouldn't hurt (be nicer, make daily choices to stay healthy and cook my sweetpea some nice meals on a weekly basis...something I have not been good about in the past.

Here's the link to my 365 days flickr set if you want to take a peek.


  1. Im excited to see your photos!! So far so good :)

  2. Fantastic thought! And it is going to get harder- because I love them all already.

  3. lovely idea! and the photos you have up already are beautiful xx

  4. I hate it when I have to get my pictures taken.
    I cringe everytime.
    But don't say you're not photogenic-you put the rest of us to shame!