Jan 23, 2010

365 days update

It has been challenging but also a lot of fun working on the 365 day photo project.  Some days I get home from work, it's dark out and I don't have a lot of energy but I still force myself to do more than an arm's length snap shot of myself. 

These are my favorites from the past 2 weeks.  The top and bottom were the most fun to shoot.  The top photo was taken in Rach's beloved alley near her apartment in Seattle (after I took that shot we had light wars with her headlamps).  I actually like the graininess caused by my high ISO setting, I think it's fitting with the alley.  The bottom shot was taken in my basement while blasting Santigold on the stereo. 

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  1. Thanks for commenting my blog!) I think summer would come to you even earlier that in my town)

    Anyway, love the last pic! very emotive