Jan 4, 2010

First trip of the year:

What can I say...I had a wonderful weekend with my family out on the Olympic Peninsula. This is our 17th year staying at Fort Worden; I'm thinking a big anniversary bash will be in order when we hit 20 years. I have ascended into the world of adults and a whole new gaggle of kids take flight running through the old army barracks, the fields and along the beach.

Highlights from the trip included board games like scattergories, fresh oysters with Tabasco, walking on the beach, popping in and out of the cute little shops in town, pizza, taking lots of photos and crab cakes and French toast for breakfast! All my little cousins were cracking me up; watching them interact can be some of the funniest moments!

Fort Worden was a great start to the New Year and I look forward to whatever else 2010 has hiding up its sleeve.

1 comment:

  1. I love the top left shot of the boat with the sun peeking through! Glad your trip was fun. I need to take you up on meeting in Seattle soon!