May 25, 2011

Letters & Postcards

Out going mail for the week!

On the left are 3 friends I met during high school through Foreign exchange programs. I never pursued the opportunity to study abroad but I did become good friends with students who did. Georg and Mic were students at my high school from Germany and Italy. Olga was part of the host family that my best friend lived with during her Junior year abroad in Madrid (and that I stayed with during my summer graduation trip to Spain). I've kept in touch with all of them, which has never been easier due to facebook. But hey! I like writing the old fashioned way. 

On the right are a few postcards sent to friends in New Orleans and Olympia.  My mail goes near and far!

All this mail enthusiasm has led to me to want to try a little "boomerang" mail art project which I will tell you more about after I nail down the details.

May 24, 2011



It's looking as though my photo blog is turning into a mail art blog! This is what you get I suppose when you have an obsessive personality that floats from one idea and passion to the next.

As for George, he was a good buddy from my photography days at The Evergreen State College.  I have many fond memories with GG...working in the darkroom or bumming around town with our cameras.  He is a fabulous photographer working out of Brooklyn, NY, check out his site George Barberis.

Miss you old friend!

May 20, 2011

Third Thursday


Yesterday was an extremely relaxing and enjoyable evening after the 4th day in a row of stressful work blues. It was the perfect day to come home to not one, but two surprise packages! The first was a belated wedding gift from a dear friend and the second was a  cute felt floral pin from a total stranger!  

The rest of the evening included an impromptu picnic at a friends and Arts Walk adventures downtown...a lovely spring day in the Northwest.

May 13, 2011

Teeny Tiny Postcards

More mail! I found this fun template on the Photojojo site.  I spent a chunk of Saturday afternoon mining through old photos of my friend Rachel who I met my Sophmore year of college, so I've collected quite a catalog of our shenanigans.

I took these photos as my little keepsake of our memories.

May 6, 2011

Pen Pal Project

A friend of a friend told me about a pen pal project that she was involved in.  Being a lover of sending a receiving mail I decided to join.  This will be my first send off and above are just a few photos of what I have included to some lovely stranger.

The project has inspired me to continue to create and craft mail for friends and strangers alike.  So who knows, you might receive something from me one of these days!