Apr 29, 2010

Hot in Herre

Along the lines of Brittany's post over at Dolce Design, I had to post this remake of Nelly's - Hot in Herre.  I say, raise a toast to all these creative covers of mediocre pop, re-mashed into something much more enjoyable!

Not sure exactly what is going on in the video...I guess stuffed animals know how to party?
p.s. is that Santa??

Apr 23, 2010

Future dreamings

Just a little sneak peak from some shots for my current photo project.  I'm off to Gedney Island (we call it Hat Island because it looks like a top hat from the mainland) this weekend with my cousin, and hope to get some more work done there.

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?  Enjoy...whatever you find yourself doing!!

Apr 22, 2010

Family Tree

I have often thought with curiosity about my ancestors and who and where I've descended from. My grandmother on my Dad's side was born in the states shortly after her parents emigrated from Norway. My childhood memories of her include a freezer stocked full of pickled herring, and the pungent smell of her gritty Gamalost (cheese) spread on toast with a fried egg. I don't know much about my grandfather on that side and where his family came from. On my mother's side I know that my relatives lived in Canada before crossing the border into Michigan.

After reading Half Broke Horses, for the Slow Readers Book Club, I have thought more about delving into my family's past and learning who came from where. Who are we if we don't know something about where we came from? It seems that today, so much of the stories from our past, the recipes and skills are lost in translation. Technology often replaces the need for these things to be taught from one family member to the next. Hopefully researching my past can help bring me closer to the people that I've never met but are responsible for my being.

{Silhouette Family Tree by Lepapier Studio}

Apr 16, 2010

Home is whenever I'm with you

I heard this song on the radio a few days ago while cooking, and I fell in love with it.  I heard it again yesterday on my lastfm station and was excited to find out who it was....Edward Sharpe adn the Magnetic Zeros

It reminds me of my carefree college days... *sigh*

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Apr 15, 2010

Long Shot: 24hr Photo-thon


    1.                                       2.
    3.                                        4.

What could be more fun than an assortment of different people out and about for a 24hr period taking photos of anything and everything?  Not much I think.  It's the Long Shot: 24hr Photo-thon put on by Photo Center NW and it's an event to help support and benefit the center.  Anyone anywhere can join!

My friend Christine, who is a part of the PCNW community, clued me in on this fun event.  It goes from 6pm Friday, April 30th to 6pm, Saturday May 1st.  Above are a few shots from 2009 (the first year of this project).

1. {Lifesavers-5:20pm by Cynthia LaRowe}
2. {Timepiece-12:28pm by Todd Gehman}
3. {Alex-12:12am by Carlos Melgoza}
4. {I'm Ovulating-10:15pm by Bellen Drake}
Register here.

Apr 14, 2010

We do what we can

I have a few projects lined up to keep me thinking creatively throughout Spring/Summer. 

One has to do with diptychs and a lovely and talented friend.  ; )
The others I will share with you as I finish, so long as they turn out okay!

What projects, experiements, adventures are you daydreaming about for your sweet self this summer?

Apr 8, 2010

Yo Ho Ho

Nautical imagery, jewelry, themes ect get me every time.  I guess growing up near the bay has made me feel especially close with all things related to the deep blue. 

These necklaces from Stuff By Kate are adorable!