Aug 27, 2010

Darling Diptychs :: Numbers

Left: Mo
Right: Brittany O 

Strange numbers!  This one cracks me up, I love the randomness of it all.  I drive by this house(?) every day on my way to work.  I'm not sure if it's a home that someone lives in, the front half looks very "under construction".  And on the side are odd paintings.  One section imposes a speed limit for all SOV's...I still am not sure what that means.  

The weather has definitely cooled off around here, which isn't too bad for most of my plans for this weekend which include getting stuff done inside.  I hope Sunday pulls through with a bit warmer weather though as I'll be outside taking lots of photos! 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Aug 25, 2010

Fox & Bobcat :: 1 year anniversary!

I can't believe Sweetpea & I have been married 1 year now! To 'commemorate' our  1st anniversary I'm sharing with you one of my favorite wedding gifts. This lovely photograph taken and given to us by my friend Christine. It is by far one of the best gifts I've ever received. It is hanging over our fireplace just above our owl water pitcher.  Sometimes I gaze at it and pretend that Pete is Fox and I am Bobcat.

Our celebration included a fancy night in a lush hotel in Seattle this past weekend (thanks to a generous Aunt & Uncle).  We also indulged in Tutta Bella pizza, Magners Irish Cider, and some killer huevos rancheros for breakfast...

My favorite memories from our 1st year:
♥honeymoon in Ireland
♥rocking out at concerts together: The Pogues & The Grandtours
♥buying a kick-ass house 
♥many weekends spent together at Hat Island
♥floating in our 3 ft kiddie pool on hot sunny days
♥splitting plates of fish & chips & raw oysters
♥blasting the boss while cooking together
♥bike trip through the San Juan Islands
♥lazy sundays
♥playing cribbage on the back porch

I love you Pete!  It's been an amazing year. 

Aug 23, 2010

Wes + Soly } Casual Idaho Wedding

Here are some shots from my friend's wedding weekend in Idaho.  It was a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere and I was so thrilled to be helping out.  Soly + Wes, with the help of friends and family put a lot of work into their wedding day, and it showed.  Soly's ring was designed by an artist she located through Etsy, and it couldn't be more her style!

♥Congratulations Wes & Soly!!  You guys rock.♥

Aug 20, 2010

Darling Diptych :: Sleep

Left: Mo
Right: Brittany O 

Sleep is something that I am happy to have enough of after my 3 day weekend in Boise.  Speaking of hubby and I will be sleeping in luxury this weekend, when we spend Saturday night at the Pan Pacific in Seattle to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  (Thanks to the generous gift from his Aunt & Uncle).  Today is my lovely momma's birthday so we'll be spending lunch with my parents and sister tomorrow afternoon at a local Italian restaurant with the BEST Neapolitan Pizza around.  I guess I'm some sort of foodie, because I'm also looking forward to huevos rancheros for breakfast Sunday morning at a place my husband says is the best he's ever had! Yeah for celebrations! 

I hope you have something fun planned this weekend!

Aug 19, 2010

Wedding Weekend River Float

This past weekend was a whirlwind of adventure in Idaho.  I flew to Boise Friday night and met up with on of my best gals (Maggie) whom I met 10 years go while attending my freshman year of college in Missouri! 

Maggie's cousin Soly was getting married and I offered to help out and take photos (this was a beautiful, laid-back D.I.Y. wedding).  The ceremony was next to a dilapidated barn on the side of the road outside of Cascade.  It was a gorgeous hot sunny Saturday, and it was a blast!! I hope to have some photos from the wedding up by next week, but I couldn't resist throwing up a few from the HUGE rafting trip down the Cabarton that half the attendees participated in Sunday afternoon!  

AND YES...that really is someone's face tattooed on someone's butt. 

Aug 13, 2010

Darling Diptych :: Calm

Left: Mo
Right: Brittany O 

Brittany and I both live by the bay but about 2+ hours apart, and it seems like we both enjoy the calm waters.  It was all about timing for me this week.  I planned on snapping a picture of the bay along my daily drive to work and the morning that was most beautiful and calm with pink tones behind the islands...I forgot my camera, of course.  So I took it the next day and was surprised with a totally different feel, the bay was completely fogged in.  

I never get tired of the different displays I see on my morning drive along the waterfront. 

Aug 11, 2010

S. O. S:

Skirts or Shorts


I never really did much shopping for summer clothes this year and I am really regretting it now, with a trip to Boise this weekend for a friend's wedding and nothing to wear in the hot weather!  I went looking for shorts the other night, but the one pair I loved of course came in any size but mine!

The wedding this weekend is "Mountain Casual" so I was really looking forward to wearing a cute pair of comfy shorts and a tank top, but unless I make some magic happen in the next few days I might be stuck with some tired old sundresses from last summer.  I think the skirts up top from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are pretty cute too...

What to do what to do!?

Aug 6, 2010

Darling Diptych :: Growth

Left: Mo
Right: Brittany O 

When I first thought about this week's word, I imagined the door frame at my parents house that shows in small increments how much my sister and I (and some friends) have grown over the years.  I thought about making a little replica at my house, but my husband wasn't too keen on the idea.  So instead I took a picture of the only growing thing on our porch that I haven't killed.  All the potted flowers I had were doomed from the start, but as long a plant bears fruit...I won't kill it.

Aug 4, 2010

Stop motion video :: The suitcase

This past spring I started working on a project that I mentioned here.  Well, I finally got around to putting it together.  Originally I intended to do a bit more editing of the photos involved in this video...but because I took sooooo many, I kind of lost steam and decided to just put the video together as is.  It's kind of a rough draft I guess.  

I'd love any feedback you have on it!

Aug 2, 2010

Kelly Moore photography bag


I saw this bag while browsing the web for photo gear this weekend, and I'm in love!  Hello wish list, this bag is moving to the top!  I have a gear bag now, but: 1) it doesn't hold as much & 2) it is nowhere near as cute.  

The b-hobo bag in heather grey, by Kelly Moore, can hold a good amount too: "up to a 9 inch lens, camera body, flash, phone, batteries & other accessories".