Jan 21, 2010

Stairway to anywhere

I love this stairway!  I'd have to start using the library a bit less and perusing the used books stores a bit more if I were ever to attempt something like this, but if I did I swear I'd clear a small space, grab a few throw pillows and nap on these stairs! 

There was a period of time as a child where I had to wear an eye patch (due to a mole behind my eyeball...weird huh!?).  I remember taking my favorite blanket and napping on the stairs, pretending it was my bunk on a pirate ship.  That memory came flying back when I first saw these photos over at post grad hair cut.  They are the creation of Levitate Architecture out of London. 


  1. i completely LOVE this staircase/bookshelf! i MUST re-post! i love it!! thanks for sharing :D

  2. I've got this staircase in my dream home folder - I love it! There's something special about the wood mixed with all the colourful books.. you can imagine spending hours on the steps and looking through all the covers.. Christopher Robin style.

  3. Oh wow! That staircase can transport people through time and space! I am mesmerized! Lovely blog...I am following!