Jan 15, 2010

Lucha con memorias

Bimbo's Bitchin' Burritos was my favorite hole in the wall restaurant as a teen.  Love for me was the garlic mashed potato burrito with red sauce.  I spent many weekend afternoon’s drinking Jarritos and stuffing prom photos under the glass tabletops. 

I had my first taste of burrito love in years, this past weekend when I met my cousin Betsy for lunch.  It has since moved a few blocks away and now goes by Bimbo’s Cantina and they swapped the nude velvet paintings for photos and artwork featuring luchadors; but it still has the same atmosphere.

If in the area it’s definitely worth it and if you’re lucky you might get our waiter.  He’ll hook you up with extra guacamole for the price of a few compliments and once you’re square on the bill he’ll let you know his hangover has gotten worse and he’s off to the bathroom to puke. 

Nothing like an afternoon at Bimbo’s!

What are some of the unique haunts in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear about them. 

{El Luchador print from firecracker press}

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  1. A mashed potato burrito?! That sounds AMAZINGly delish. When I lived in San Francisco I used to frequent a Crepe Cafe nearby. It was nothing fancy, but the crepes were to die for. Nutella and banana for dessert never failed---it reminded me of France!
    XX Kate