Jan 13, 2010

Redheads, chandeliers & redheaded chandeliers

While listening to my last fm radio station yesterday a song by Florence + The Machine came on and one of the images they displayed of this lovely lady was the one above where she seductively sits next to an ice-like chandelier.  I found myself daydreaming about how I want to decorate our first home.  My husband and I are in the process of house hunting and have looked at some very promising places.  Although for our starter homes none of these chandeliers would really fit in with the style we are looking at, let alone our budget I still like dreaming about them. 

Expect to see more home decor posts in the future as we get closer to finding a house to call home.

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  1. Those chandeliers are gorgeous!

    I'd love chandeliers in my home, but I'm afraid they'd hit my fiance in the head - he's 6 ft 4!

  2. I love the title of this post, you clever lady!

  3. Oh, I love Florence and the Machine -- Kiss with a Fist is the perfect song for just about any mood! Also, the branch-y chandelier is beyond perfect.

  4. oh i love the murano glass chandelier! i would love to own one someday...but they're expensive!!
    xoxo alison

  5. Those are gorgeous! :-)

    Thanks for posting!

  6. decorating your first home (even if it's small and imperfect) is the most exciting thing in the world! seriously.