Oct 30, 2009

Found Photo Friday: All Hallows Eve

I love finding random photos on the internet.  I use Google to search for answers to questions I have, or to find images of random things I need to use for work when I'm creating newsletters.  It boggles my mind how many weird seemingly unrelated photos will appear depending on the key words I have searched with. 

That being said I have decided to start Found Photo Friday.  My first found photo is in the spirit of tomorrow's eerie holiday...nothing too out of the ordinary when you search for 'old Halloween photos'.  What I find strange is how much this little man looks like my dad as a child...

Thanks to Steve Chasmar and the CC on Flickr:

A gift of love

I am a huge fan of Pandora and Jango Radio.  I stream them all day long at work and have a variety of stations to sample from depending on my mood.  I recently started a station from the band
the xx which was recommended to me by my cousin Garrett, thus I labeled the station G's Idea.  From this station I have been exposed to an abundance of great new bands...at least new to me. 

One of my new favorites is Passion Pit out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The interesting story behind this band is that the lead singer Michael Angelakos had originally formed the group in order to create a few songs for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift.  Wow...talk about putting a lot of thought into a gift!  I adore their music and have been listening on repeat lately. 

This is my favorite:

Granted that isn't really a video, just a sweet photo montage of the fine gentleman of Passion Pit.

This is another great song and a pretty cool video as well:

I heart finding new music.  What are your beloved new finds?

Oct 29, 2009

Little darlings

It's the little things in life that can sometimes leave the most lasting impressions.  A few of the small treasures that warmed the cockles of my heart while in Ireland...

Oct 26, 2009

Random weekend

While my husband was out of town this weekend I took the time to do something I don't get to do when he's around...watch scary and horrible movies.  My friend Maggie stayed with me Friday night before I dropped her off at the airport Saturday morning to head to Hawaii for the week.  We went out for dinner and drinks and then came back to subject ourselves to this:

Saturday after taking her to the airport, coming home and sleeping for another four hours I finally got myself in gear and cleaned the house before heading to Seattle for the night.  My sister Alanna was able to squeeze in a coffee with me between work and work again, so we were able to chat and catch up a bit.

After coffee I headed to Greenwood to hang with my cousin Garrett.  He is a commercial fisherman in Alaska so I usually get treated to some tasty seafood when I eat with him.  He made an awesome Halibut Yakisoba which went perfectly with the tasty beer he so delicately paired it with:

While eating dinner we listened to the awesome debut album of a band Garrett introduced me to, and I am now in love with:

After dinner we headed up North to catch the Silvertips game.  Unfortunately it was not a good night for the tips who were defeated by the Wheat Kings: 5-2!!


My Sunday was spent running around doing a few errands such as purchase these adorable boots by Steve Madden that I have been eyeing for a while:

My last errand was to pop into Borders & grab an issue of my favorite magazine which I let the subscription lapse on:

Once I got home and put everything away...including the ingredients for our Sunday night dinner (falafels) I grabbed my bust and a blue moon and took a relaxing bath.  Ellen Page is sharp, you gotta love her witty remarks, and did you know they are making an Arrested Development movie!  That's almost as exciting as the sequel to Boondock Saints: All Saints Day.

Oct 23, 2009

I don't even own an umbrella

As I reluctantly pulled our garbage and recycling to the curb this morning I was drenched with rain. It’s that time of year again here in the Northwest where every time you look out the window you see big fat raindrops splattering across the glass. I actually don’t mind the rain; it's the generous amount of grey skies that start to grate my nerves. Fortunately there are so many great things to love about fall:

*pumpkin spice lattes (and all things pumpkin...pie, seeds, bread)
*hot baths with cold beer in hand
*the changing foliage
*crunching leaves on an afternoon run
*fleece blankets
*crisp evenings
*reinstating my boots
*getting cozy by the fire at my in-laws
*comfy scarves
*homemade soups
*more time for good books
*a big fat harvest moon

Those are a few of my favorite things. 

Oct 22, 2009

Katie McMullin: beautiful oil


{Blue Self Portrait}

{Pan 1}


{Pan 2}

Katie has been painting as long as I have known her, and with each year that passes her work becomes more inspired.  These portraits continue to spark bright little lights in my heart each time I look at them.  If you were to meet her or any of her subjects you would see that not only has she  captured their likeness, but also a glimpse at their true nature.  You can take a peek at some of her other work on her flickr page Lamuchachabarbuda .

Oct 19, 2009

A day with Day: part two - photos on a rainy day

After the Rockumentary, Megan and I enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Valley Cafe in Eburg and then headed out to brave the rain and snap some photos.

A day with Day: part one - the Rockumentary

I spent Saturday with my lovely friend Megan.  My mother-in-law Kathie invited us to join her for a screening of the Rockumentary Call + Response.  This incredibly powerful movie lays out the awful truth of the fastest growing organized crime: human trafficking and slavery.  While watching this movie I found myself re-evaluating my "major" life problems once I'd seen what millions of innocent people (so often children) are facing.  Just check out this trailer: Call + Response Trailer, or visit the website for more information.

Oct 16, 2009

Joel's 29th

My good friend from high school just celebrated another year of being awesome...and so for his birthday I tried to provide him with a unique gift that would hopefully be half as cool as he is. 
This is what I came up with:

Oct 12, 2009

A visual ode to me lady Katie...circa 2003

The summer before I turned 21 I flew out to NYC with Katie to visit our longtime friend Jenn who was attending Sarah Lawrence.  We crashed in her dorm room, bought a train pass and rode into Manhattan everyday to explore.  Needless to say I took many photos of her (with a disposable!).  I was recently going through the decaying album and thought it would be nice to pick out a few of my favorites to live forever on the web.

This one's for you girl!

This photo was taken after a nutritious breakfast of Dunkin' Doughnuts.

Oct 5, 2009

Ice cream madness

Last weekend I ran in the Leavenworth Oktoberfest Marathon Relay with my friend Keena and some of her buddies, after which we were treated to free ice cream and beer.

Keena went crazy for this infant flavored cone she found.
Unfortunately the mother of this poor child came and snatched the baby away before she could get a taste so...

she went and attacked this harmless bear, minding his own business out in front of the ice cream parlor.

What's a girl to do?!?