Jan 8, 2010

My kind of book club

Such is happenstance.  I woke up Wednesday morning (day 6 of my 365 days photo challenge) and snapped the above shot.  I have always loved to read, it used to drive my sister crazy when we shared a room growing up and I refused to turn my light out so I could continue to read my Piers Anthony novels.  Though I've since moved on from the world of Xanth I continue to read regularly. 

So...I was delighted when later that day I found this post about the Slow Readers Book Club.  A book club I can join and not be rushed to finish the book!  It's also a sweet little coincidence that the first book is Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls who also wrote the Glass Castle a book my sister gave me as a gift (she loves to read now too).  For more information and how to join just click here or here.

Happy Reading!

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