Dec 31, 2009

New Year, new beginnings

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's tonight!  We plan on keeping it pretty low key because we take off early in the morning to Fort Worden on the Olympic Peninsula where my family rents out Officer's Quarters for a weekend ever year around this time.  Ever seen "An Officer and a Gentleman" with Richard Gere and Debra Winger?  That's where we'll be. 

My favorite New Year's celebration: I was 23, living in Olympia going to Evergreen State.  My roommate turned new bff Rachel and I didn't want to go to any of the parties that year.  All of our other roommates were out on the town, but we stayed home and had a blast.  We put on our roller skates and turned out the lights so only candles and twinkle lights lit the house. We rode around the hardwood floors circling through the house listening to the Pixies "Where is my mind" on repeat as we sipped champagne and Sauza Hornitos Tequila.  To this day I still haven't topped it!

What are some of your favorite New Year's memories?

{Flickr photo credits clockwise from top left: Itz a fine day, Simone Hudson, Magnera, Pink Sherbet, Jared, Medicine Man Sam.}

Dec 30, 2009

This little house

We spent the night before Christmas Eve with our good friends Annie and Blain in Seattle.  They live in a cute little house built in the 30's and located in Georgetown (Seattle's oldest continually settled neighborhood).  Much of Georgetown today is warehouses, but there are a few homes squeezed in between, along with some pretty great little 'watering holes'.  
We went to dinner downtown at 'Serious Pie', and it was seriously delicious.  We all chose different personal pizzas; and to be perfectly honest between my delicatta squash, roasted garlic, gorgonzola lucifero and Annie's guanciale, soft egg, and dandelion greens it was a close tie!

Annie & Blain's house has the most adorable collection of vintage items spread throughout.  I sometimes feel like I'm in a museum as I walk from room to room peeking at all of their treasures. My favorite item would have to be the Travellers opera glasses.They even have chickens in the back yard and we are often sent home with a bowl of pastel colored eggs. 

I think I have house envy!

Dec 29, 2009

Night Terror

My favorite song as of late...

{Laura Marling}

Dec 28, 2009

The Christmas we had

We had a great 4 day Holiday celebration.  My family celebrates on Christmas Eve; we started at my Aunt and Uncle’s house with appetizers before heading to church for a candlelight service. Dinner followed back at my Aunt’s and it was amazing. I wish I had the photos to show you! We had a delicious seafood Cioppino with crusted focaccia bread and a fruit and gorgonzola spinach salad. The soup was for me the best Christmas meal I’ve ever had, with huge chunks of halibut, scallops, crab leg, clams and shrimp in a savory tomato based broth. I made it clear to everyone that I hope we can make this the new traditional Christmas Eve dinner in our family. After letting the food settle we all played the dice-game gift exchange and Peter and I collectively ended up with a 2 layer pie/cake tray and a lotion set.

Christmas morning at my parents was great. My sister and I unbeknownst to one another showed up for breakfast in the same flannel nighty but in different colors, “great minds think comfort!”  We were treated to Swedish pancakes, sausage, ham, delicious bran muffins and mimosas. After breakfast we sat around the living room and went through our stockings. Santa leaves gifts for my sister and I in what were at one time my Grandpa’s thick green wool hunting socks. They have special meaning to us because my Dad and Aunt used them growing up as well. They were the best stocking a kid could wish for, the more you put in them the more they stretched out, leaving room for more and more treats.

My mom loved the photo album we made for her which was a timeline of our wedding day in August. She put so much work in helping us make the day unforgettable that we wanted to give her something to remember it by as well. My dad got a new pair of moccasins, (he can finally throw out the pair where his toe has been sticking out the side for the last 2 years.)  For my sister we gave an assortment of fun things, a red bath robe, photo postcards by Elle Moss, a red lunch bag, and a vintage rose ring from Etsy.

My sister and parents went in on a really cool gift for us; a home-brew starter kit with all the ingredients to make a Blonde Ale! We are pretty excited to give it a try this winter and start making our own beer. We’re thinking of calling it “Meat & Moo Brew”. (That’s what some of the little ones in our life call us when they can’t quite say Pete & Mo.)

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas with family and friends!

Dec 25, 2009

Found Photo Friday: Reindeer

Merry Reindeer Day!

I hope you all have a wondeful Holiday Weekend and take the time to really enjoy yourselves, your family and your friends. 

{Image by Mitsue Kobayashi} 
{Check out her flickr photostream at mitchanx}

Dec 23, 2009

Luminous Lu

I am loving the photography of Ana Luísa Pinto.

I browsed through her flick photostream and these images above were some of my favorites because they remind me of the excitement and anticipation I often feel around the Holidays.  They are small treasures and sweet treats, carefree and yet thoughtful.  The bright colors in these photographs reassure me that the New Year will have many good surprises in store as long as I take one day at a time and don't let my worries or fears determine the path I take.

*You can find more of Lu on her flickr: Luminous Lu 
and on her blog: Luminous Photography

Dec 21, 2009

Why hello Winter!

To Winter

Stay, season of calm love and soulful snows!
There is a subtle sweetness in the sun,
The ripples on the stream's breast gaily run,
The wind more boisterously by me blows,
And each succeeding day now longer grows.
The birds a gladder music have begun,
The squirrel, full of mischief and of fun,
From maples' topmost branch the brown twig throws.
I read these pregnant signs, know what they mean:
I know that thou art making ready to go.
Oh stay! I fled a land where fields are green
Always, and palms wave gently to and fro,
And winds are balmy, blue brooks ever sheen,
To ease my heart of its impassioned woe.
-Claude McKay

Today I officially start my love/hate relationship with winter.  It's not my favorite season but I still enjoy it for all it offers:

♥ Holidays with the Family
♥ Hot cocoa, hot tea, hot buttered rum
♥ Long stockings, long coats, long hair
♥ New Year's celebrations
♥ Resolutions
♥ Sledding
♥ Annual Valentine's Day Trip

Here's to you winter!  Hope you have a nice stay.

Dec 18, 2009

Found Photo Friday: Snow Squirrel

As some of you may or may not know...I love squirrels.  My sister and I had two local Squirrels in our neighborhood growing up that we collectively named Chip and Dale. (Super creative right?)  

Another reason for my squirrel obsession?  My sister had a pretty feared move called the "flying squirrel jump" where she'd run after me; arms spread out and tackle me whenever I had pissed her off.  Even though it was painful to be on the receiving end of the flying squirrel jump, I have nothing but fond memories of it now. 

I ♥ squirrels.  'Nuff said.

{Image found via Kecute}

Let the festivities begin

Christmas is a week away and I am ready. This is our first year with a tree, in the past we would string lights on our giant palm plant and call it good. We decorated the tree last Sunday while watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and I have been busy wrapping gifts all week and placing them under the tree. My sweet Aunt gave us a wonderful gift to help ease preparing for the holidays...a giant green and red tub full of an assortment of decorations for our tree. 

I look forward to spending time with my family next week.  I love this time of year and I get a little giddy every time I look at our tree lit up so bright.  It reminds me of the excitement you experience as a child, the build up to Christmas morning.  I am relieved that most of my preparations are done and I can spend the rest of the week relaxing before the festivities begin.

What are some of your favorite things about the Holidays?

Dec 16, 2009

Erin Tyner

I love discovering artists new to me through Flickr. These little treasures are by Erin Tyner an Atlanta based photographer whose art often focuses on still life and macro work. I instantly loved these images when I came across them.

{Erin Tyner Photography}
*You can purchase prints here at her Etsy shop.

Dec 14, 2009

Cute accessory gifts under $30

Here is my last round of gift ideas.  I can happily say that besides a few stocking stuffers and a gift for my family's annual "Dice Game-Gift Exchange" I have successfully completed my Christmas shopping.  I didn't go overboard, only a few thoughtful gifts for those closest to me.  I still enjoy browsing through websites and seeing what unique, crafty or comfy gifts are out there.  Enjoy!

1. Sheridan Crochet Earrings: muggy tuesday
2. Footless Tights: urban outfitters
3. Small Vintage Zipper Purse: made by hank
4. Rain Parade Umbrella: bust boobtique
5. Interchangeable Polaroid Ring:  jersey maids
6. Over the Knee Socks: urban outfitters

Dec 12, 2009

Tail end of Fall

Fall is only days from passing and Winter's grasp is fast approaching.  I can feel cold creep along the edges, looking for the fastest way in.  So I bundle up with socks and scarves and drink hot tea, hoping it will hold off the chill. 

Dec 11, 2009

Found Photo Friday: Cat in the middle

I first saw this photograph a while back while searching through google images but I never saved it or remembered where I had found it.  Luckily I recently rediscovered it while browsing through Kris Atomic's blog.

I love the moment captured in this image, the cat looking up curiously; the woman's shifting of weight onto her toes and the framing which leaves the actual embrace to one's imagination.

Head over here and check out a whole post full of priceless vintage photographs.

Dec 8, 2009

Great gifts under $50

There are so many great finds on the web that I will be able to do all of my Christmas shopping this year without even setting foot in a store!  That makes me a happy camper.  Here are some of the latest and greatest things I've stumbled upon.

1. Reusable Shopping Bag: built ny
2. Stationary Survival Kit: earmark
3. Grape Throw: modcloth
4. Adam Frank Flock Lumen: velocity
5. Winter Scape Stamp Set: the paperdoll
6. Cable Knit Bomber: urban outfitters

Dec 7, 2009

Down by the river

You are by far my favorite.
Can we stay here much too long and hope the sun never leaves our side?

Dec 5, 2009

Shoes for thought

While walking around Ballard a few weeks ago, my sister and I came across multiple pairs of shoes screwed to telephone poles.  After doing a little research it turns out they were part of an installation by local poet A.K. Allin.  You never know what you might see when you're out walking...

Dec 4, 2009

It's a blue grey day

It's getting colder and colder outside, and I keep thinking that it's time to stock up on some warm winter wear.  Granted the 2 dresses won't do much to keep me warm in this weather, but they sure would be comfy curled up next to a piping hot fire right?

{Top two from: Urban Outfitters + Bottom two from: Forever 21}

Found Foto Friday: Running

I went on my first run in months yesterday after work.  And although my breathing isn't fully back to normal after the mold problem we had in the basement, I do feel like it's getting better.  I love the sharp feeling of cold air circulating through my lungs, the tingle at the end of my fingertips and the rush of happiness I get from enjoying the last little bit of sunlight before nightfall.

I am ready for the weekend.  No big plans, hopefully just tidy up the house and maybe go exploring the local antique shops.  What are your plans?

{Image found via Flickr}

Dec 3, 2009

Elle Moss

I am completely in love with the photographic work of Elle Moss.  Her images create a surreal world in which I'd like to go vacation in for a few weeks.  Most of the work found here is self portraiture.  Over here she has inspiring images that remind me of the look and style of my favorite movie Amélie.  Elle Moss is one busy gal, she has two blogs, two Etsy shops and a Flickr photostream that I could get lost in for hours.  The colors, the adorable outfits, trinkets and the soft lighting which surround most of her work makes me want to cry!  

Thank you Elle for your gorgeous work and allowing me to post it here!