Dec 11, 2009

Found Photo Friday: Cat in the middle

I first saw this photograph a while back while searching through google images but I never saved it or remembered where I had found it.  Luckily I recently rediscovered it while browsing through Kris Atomic's blog.

I love the moment captured in this image, the cat looking up curiously; the woman's shifting of weight onto her toes and the framing which leaves the actual embrace to one's imagination.

Head over here and check out a whole post full of priceless vintage photographs.


  1. I agree; this picture is quite amaizing.

  2. aww curious kitty.
    but maybe the cat's looking up her skirt?

  3. Amazing photo. That cat is so cute. :)

  4. That is a great photo! love it :)

  5. Aw this is suuuch a cute photo; I love cats! Black and white photography is always so inspiring.