Dec 18, 2009

Found Photo Friday: Snow Squirrel

As some of you may or may not know...I love squirrels.  My sister and I had two local Squirrels in our neighborhood growing up that we collectively named Chip and Dale. (Super creative right?)  

Another reason for my squirrel obsession?  My sister had a pretty feared move called the "flying squirrel jump" where she'd run after me; arms spread out and tackle me whenever I had pissed her off.  Even though it was painful to be on the receiving end of the flying squirrel jump, I have nothing but fond memories of it now. 

I ♥ squirrels.  'Nuff said.

{Image found via Kecute}


  1. oh so cute!

  2. Hahah, "flying squirrel jump", hilarious.

  3. the squirrels on my campus are mad - i swear i saw one eating tin foil the other day. the one in the pic is adorable though!