Dec 23, 2009

Luminous Lu

I am loving the photography of Ana Luísa Pinto.

I browsed through her flick photostream and these images above were some of my favorites because they remind me of the excitement and anticipation I often feel around the Holidays.  They are small treasures and sweet treats, carefree and yet thoughtful.  The bright colors in these photographs reassure me that the New Year will have many good surprises in store as long as I take one day at a time and don't let my worries or fears determine the path I take.

*You can find more of Lu on her flickr: Luminous Lu 
and on her blog: Luminous Photography


  1. I love jumping up and down on the bed photos!

  2. I definitely agree with you, they remind me of all those things too. Loving her photographs, amazing post! Happy Holidays!

  3. She really is brilliant. Such an amazing spectrum of emotion in her photographs. Love her!