Aug 25, 2010

Fox & Bobcat :: 1 year anniversary!

I can't believe Sweetpea & I have been married 1 year now! To 'commemorate' our  1st anniversary I'm sharing with you one of my favorite wedding gifts. This lovely photograph taken and given to us by my friend Christine. It is by far one of the best gifts I've ever received. It is hanging over our fireplace just above our owl water pitcher.  Sometimes I gaze at it and pretend that Pete is Fox and I am Bobcat.

Our celebration included a fancy night in a lush hotel in Seattle this past weekend (thanks to a generous Aunt & Uncle).  We also indulged in Tutta Bella pizza, Magners Irish Cider, and some killer huevos rancheros for breakfast...

My favorite memories from our 1st year:
♥honeymoon in Ireland
♥rocking out at concerts together: The Pogues & The Grandtours
♥buying a kick-ass house 
♥many weekends spent together at Hat Island
♥floating in our 3 ft kiddie pool on hot sunny days
♥splitting plates of fish & chips & raw oysters
♥blasting the boss while cooking together
♥bike trip through the San Juan Islands
♥lazy sundays
♥playing cribbage on the back porch

I love you Pete!  It's been an amazing year. 

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  1. what a darling blog you have. happy to find it. hope you stop by mine and say hello. x