Aug 19, 2010

Wedding Weekend River Float

This past weekend was a whirlwind of adventure in Idaho.  I flew to Boise Friday night and met up with on of my best gals (Maggie) whom I met 10 years go while attending my freshman year of college in Missouri! 

Maggie's cousin Soly was getting married and I offered to help out and take photos (this was a beautiful, laid-back D.I.Y. wedding).  The ceremony was next to a dilapidated barn on the side of the road outside of Cascade.  It was a gorgeous hot sunny Saturday, and it was a blast!! I hope to have some photos from the wedding up by next week, but I couldn't resist throwing up a few from the HUGE rafting trip down the Cabarton that half the attendees participated in Sunday afternoon!  

AND YES...that really is someone's face tattooed on someone's butt. 

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