Nov 25, 2009

Turkey Lurkey

I love this time of year...time spent with friends and family enjoying good food, a little red wine...pecan pie...maybe two pieces of pecan pie?!  If you are one of the 'lucky' ones you might even get some of my Aunt Lynda's Escalloped Artichoke Hearts.  This year I will be spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws so it is up to me (the not so great cook) to try and re-create this dish so I don't completely go without.  What are you favorite Thanksgiving dishes?  

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

{Images found via Stardust and Sequins
{Top photo credit: Neil Krug}

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  1. Thanks for your comment! I really like your blog! The picture isn't of me, that'd be awesome if I had someone to take artsy pics of me though, haha.
    Have a good Thanksgiving! I'm excited for mashed potatoes :D