Nov 27, 2009

Lovely ladies

I stayed up late last night watching the movie: Secretary.  I remember the buzz surrounding it when it came out some years back but I'd never actually seen it.  It's just another reason to love my girl Maggie Gyllenhaal; she is a great actress and an inspiration with her quirky style. 

I can't think of her without thinking of my other two favorite gals...Zooey Daschanel and Chloë Sevigny.  All three of these women impress me with their acting abilities and style choices.  Yeah-ya for all the funky free-stylin' ladies out there!

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  1. oh i just LOVE these ladies!! i haven't seen secretary yet, either...think i have to now! ;o) xoxo, kitty

  2. Ah I to love all these ladies, great style each and every one!

    Thanks for stopping by x x

  3. Thank you! I pulled the beach ball girl image from somewhere ages ago and now i finally know where! nice blog btw :)