Apr 8, 2010

Yo Ho Ho

Nautical imagery, jewelry, themes ect get me every time.  I guess growing up near the bay has made me feel especially close with all things related to the deep blue. 

These necklaces from Stuff By Kate are adorable!


  1. I love sea inspired jewelry! The two you posted are so inexpensive too... I have had Catbird's Flotsam and Jetsam (below) bookmarked for quite sometime just waiting to see if I could treat myself because they're a bit out of my $ range :)


  2. Those are fabulous, I love the ship!

    Thanks for stopping by x x

  3. So simple and pretty! I miss living near the ocean and lake!! :(

  4. I've had an anchor necklace my mom gave me for almost ten years and to this day i get so many compliments on it! i love these!