Apr 15, 2010

Long Shot: 24hr Photo-thon


    1.                                       2.
    3.                                        4.

What could be more fun than an assortment of different people out and about for a 24hr period taking photos of anything and everything?  Not much I think.  It's the Long Shot: 24hr Photo-thon put on by Photo Center NW and it's an event to help support and benefit the center.  Anyone anywhere can join!

My friend Christine, who is a part of the PCNW community, clued me in on this fun event.  It goes from 6pm Friday, April 30th to 6pm, Saturday May 1st.  Above are a few shots from 2009 (the first year of this project).

1. {Lifesavers-5:20pm by Cynthia LaRowe}
2. {Timepiece-12:28pm by Todd Gehman}
3. {Alex-12:12am by Carlos Melgoza}
4. {I'm Ovulating-10:15pm by Bellen Drake}
Register here.

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