Mar 9, 2010

To Sweden I must go...

It's official.  I've fallen in love again...
...with Sweden!

I've always loved Swedish pancakes, maybe that's where it all started but today I realized with finality that I must visit Sweden.  Last week while checking out one of my favorite blogs Please Sir, I discovered Anna Hurtig, the amazing photograper from Sweden responsible for the haunting images above as well as many more which you can find here.

Then there is the fact that everytime a song comes on my Lastfm that I really really love, I have to check and see who the artist is, 9 times out of 10 they have been from Sweden!  Give these artists a listen and try and tell me their tunes aren't making sweet love to your ears...


  1. ooh Sweden warms my heart =] and i'm seriously addicted to Lykke Li and Peter Bjorn and John! lovely photos, too!

  2. i love love the knife. i love their anon, too

  3. In the meantime, before you go (and I know you will), let's check out the Swedish Cultural Center in Seattle. They have a pancake breakfast on the first Sunday of the month. We can even dance a little dance if you want. I haven't been there in awhile and am missing it dearly.

  4. Annie! Yes I totally agree we should check out the Swedish Cultural Center and eat swedish pancakes! Great idea!

  5. I've never had Swedish pancakes before, and now I'm curious!

  6. thanks for posting about this artist maureen! i've never seen her work before, some of the images are violently ill! that means awesome, my 13 year old nephew recently informed me.