Nov 6, 2009

I heart Oly

So I'm in love again!  I haven't visited the wonderful Buy Olympia site in many moons.  When I was living in Oly and going to Evergreen I took full advantage of all the wonderful handcrafted treasures like this comfy reading is sexy tee (I love my boy-cut shirts).  I treated myself to the Nikki McClure  calendar each January, and I am still astounded by the amazing and intricate images she is able to create with her x-acto knife and construction paper!  The journals by Uppercase are a perfect place to jot down thoughts or new ideas...but my new favorite has to be the charming paintings by Paper Milk.  I want to frame Mr. Sweet-Pea and put him up in my bathroom! 

Did I mention that I love squirrels?

{Found via Buy Olympia}

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