Oct 30, 2009

A gift of love

I am a huge fan of Pandora and Jango Radio.  I stream them all day long at work and have a variety of stations to sample from depending on my mood.  I recently started a station from the band
the xx which was recommended to me by my cousin Garrett, thus I labeled the station G's Idea.  From this station I have been exposed to an abundance of great new bands...at least new to me. 

One of my new favorites is Passion Pit out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The interesting story behind this band is that the lead singer Michael Angelakos had originally formed the group in order to create a few songs for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift.  Wow...talk about putting a lot of thought into a gift!  I adore their music and have been listening on repeat lately. 

This is my favorite:

Granted that isn't really a video, just a sweet photo montage of the fine gentleman of Passion Pit.

This is another great song and a pretty cool video as well:

I heart finding new music.  What are your beloved new finds?

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