May 25, 2011

Letters & Postcards

Out going mail for the week!

On the left are 3 friends I met during high school through Foreign exchange programs. I never pursued the opportunity to study abroad but I did become good friends with students who did. Georg and Mic were students at my high school from Germany and Italy. Olga was part of the host family that my best friend lived with during her Junior year abroad in Madrid (and that I stayed with during my summer graduation trip to Spain). I've kept in touch with all of them, which has never been easier due to facebook. But hey! I like writing the old fashioned way. 

On the right are a few postcards sent to friends in New Orleans and Olympia.  My mail goes near and far!

All this mail enthusiasm has led to me to want to try a little "boomerang" mail art project which I will tell you more about after I nail down the details.

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