Sep 24, 2010

Darling Diptych :: Facedowns

Top:  Mo
Bottom: Brittany O

This week's diptych was fun!  Brittany suggested the idea a while back, you may recognize it from such blogs as I love facedowns and Facedowns.

You might be wondering, where is that cool wall with the octopus tentacles?  Well dear readers, that is the outside of Seattle's first distillery...Sound Spirits.  Cool right!?  Very.  

My friend Rachel and I decided to stop in Wednesday night for a taste and a tour of the small batch distillery located in Ballard.  Steven Stone, the owner, is super friendly and chatted us up while pouring us each a sample of Ebb+Flow, his single malt vodka made from Washington Barley.  This vodka was different from anything else I've tried, it's a bit sweet and very fragrant, great for sipping. The hint of citrus has me thinking it would make a great lemon-drop.  I decided to buy a bottle for my sister whose birthday is today, and will be celebrated tomorrow night...with lemon-drops!  (She won't see this before tomorrow.)

Not a vodka fan?  Worry not, Steven is currently working up recipes for Gin, Aquavit and Absinthe.  He was kind enough to let us sample a bit of each.  Rach was a BIG fan of the Gin...I now know what to get her for her birthday!

It's a miracle I didn't  end up facedown myself after all the tasting!

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