Jul 19, 2010

Twenty under Forty: #7

Left to Right/Top to Bottom:
1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 2. Chris Adrian 3. Daniel Alarcón 4. David Bezmozgis 5. Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
6. Joshua Ferris 7. Jonathan Safran Foer 8. Nell Freudenberger 9. Rivka Galchen 10. Nicole Krauss
11. Yiyun Li 12. Dinaw Mengestu 13. Philipp Meyer 14. C.E. Morgon 15. Téa Obreht
16. ZZ Packer 17. Karen Russell 18. Salvatore Scibona 19. Gary Shteyngart 20. Wells Tower

I love finding different ways of exploring my love of reading.  I found this list of young writers from the New Yorker and have decided it will be a fun project to read something by all of them.  I started with #7: Jonathan Safran Foer.  I have had a copy of Everything is Illuminated on my bookshelf for a few years now but hadn't read it yet because I had seen the movie first (which I LOVED), and therefore wanted to wait a significant amount of time before reading it, so it would have it's own impact on me.  Generally I try to read the book first, but that doesn't always happen.

As for Everything is Illuminated, I finished it last night...and I double LOVED it!  Oh, it made me laugh and it made me cry, sometimes both within only a few pages of each other.  When a young American Jew travels to Ukraine to find out who saved his Grandfather from the Nazi's, there is a story of immense sadness and tragedy mixed with the beauty of what it means to be alive and aware, to live and to love, or at least try to love. 

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  1. Everything is Illuminated took me forever to get into. Have you read his second book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? It's pretty special too. And his wife writes! Her name's Nicole Krauss (I've just seen she's on the list) and History of Love is amazing.