Jul 28, 2010

Portage Squeeze

Saturday was spent like a good, sunny Saturday should be...outside biking and exploring.  Rach and I biked down to the ferry from my house and took it over to Vashon Island.  We'd been warned by a few people about the hills, (and it WAS hilly) but that didn't phase us.  

Top to bottom/left to right:
1.  New frontier 
2.  Bike rest
3.  Keyboard purse in a local shop
4.  Rachel posing with "Cool Gary"
5.  Cockatails from The Hardware Store
6.  Self portrait
7.  Girl biking at the stationary bike graveyard
8.  Rach looking northeast
9.  Red bike left next to tree in 1964, now some 6 feet off the ground
10. Abandoned shed by red bike

We ended up with a flat that left us walking up a really huge winding steep hill, and after about an hour a fellow biker pulled over to help us out.  If it wasn't for him we would not have made the perfect timing to catch the ferry back.  Yeah for good biker karma!

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  1. I have used a couple of your photos on my site that talks about used stationary bikes here http://www.dogengine.com/used-stationary-bikes.php if you want me to remove it just drop me a message. Thanks!