May 5, 2010

My getaway is not that far away

I have a special place that I have been escaping to since I was about 5. It's my aunt and uncle's cabin out on Hat Island, a small private island located in the Puget Sound. It's a community of homeowners who get to share in the beauty of a small island with little more than gravel roads, a gas pump, a volunteer fire fighting brigade and the most amazing views of the sound.

My mom always said I had a suitcase packed under my bed, ready to jump at any moment on the chance to visit the island. The majority of my summers growing up were spent digging for clams, climbing the sand walls, swimming and jumping on the giant trampoline with my sister and cousins.

A few weekends ago I went out again with my cousin Garrett. We spent our time eating great food, listening to new music, trying in vain to jump start the 4-wheeler, laying on the deck blowing bubbles and strumming guitars and hitting golf balls. It was a weekend well spent.

Do you have a particular place in your neck of the woods that is your escape?

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