Feb 25, 2010

Your sunshine

I wanted to share a few recent shots from my 365 day project.   Spring has come early around here, Winter bowing out after a short stay.  I lazed around our new neighborhood last weekend soaking up the lovely sunshine.  I danced in the basketball court at the park across the street so happy to have the sun out for days at a time.  I went on runs along the waterfront, drank coffee at the little coffee shop a few blocks down the street and unpacked all our books to go in the built-in bookshelves circa 1924.  

I am giddy.  I know that I will make the most of the sunny days that come and go this spring/summer and that makes me ecstatic.  I will take hundreds of photos, I will go on long bike rides, I will ride the ferry to Vashon Island, I will have adventures with good friends, I will go swimming, I will float the river, I will go to concerts outside...and I will dance to songs like I am not a Robot over and over.

What will you do with your sunshine?

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